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Dreamwerks 67.3" W x 29" D x 30" H Clawfoot Bathtub

SKU: A211
Sale price$999.99

Introducing the DREAMWERKS Clawfoot Bathtub, a blend of classic elegance and modern design. Measuring at 67.3" W x 29" D x 30" H, this ample space for a relaxing soak without compromising on style. The pristine white finish complements the graceful lines and curves, ensuring it becomes a centerpiece in your bathroom. Supported by intricately designed clawfoot legs, this bathtub exudes an air of sophistication while offering stability and durability. It seamlessly fits into various bathroom styles, from vintage and Victorian to eclectic and transitional. Whether you’re soaking away the day’s stress or simply enjoying a leisurely bath, the DREAMWERKS Clawfoot Bathtub promises both style and relaxation.

  • Generous Dimensions: Measuring 67.3" W x 29" D x 30" H, it offers ample space for a luxurious soak
  • Designed for Rigid Freestanding Bath Supplies: The bathtub is specifically designed to work seamlessly with rigid freestanding bath supplies, enhancing its functionality
  • Sturdy Aluminum Bath Feet: The elegant clawfoot legs are made of sturdy aluminum, providing stability and adding to the bathtub’s classic charm
  • Fiberglass Construction with Acrylic Top Coating: Crafted from durable fiberglass, the tub is coated with a smooth acrylic finish for a comfortable bathing experience.
  • Faucet and Drainage Not Included: Please note that the faucet and drainage components are not included in the tub

Dreamwerks 67.3" W x 29" D x 30" H Clawfoot Bathtub - Dreamwerks
Dreamwerks 67.3" W x 29" D x 30" H Clawfoot Bathtub Sale price$999.99